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Clean Dishes By Your Next Meal.


Clean dishes, glasses and silverware

BIG CLEAN. lower cost.

Get clean results without cleaning out your wallet!

Are you unsure how much chemical is going into your dish machine - and how much you actually need to get good results? Are you tired of down-time in the kitchen and dish machine repair costs?

Brewster Products is your answer for affordable yet sparkling clean results and no-headache service! We specialize in creating individual programs specific to your needs, combining the dish machine of your choosing and the detergent system to go with it for one low price. With our money-saving system, you'll be guaranteed a fixed rate. No more sneaky increases or games from your chemical provider!

If you need it, we have it. Brewster Products is a seller and provider of all styles of dish machines, warewashing supplies, and sanitizing and commercial cleaning products. Choose the dish machine that best fits your needs – whether it's a low temp or high temp model, a single-tank conventional option, or a conveyor model for banquet and larger kitchens. We even specialize in undercounter dish machines to fit the smallest of kitchen spaces and glasswashers to complete the efficiency of your bar. Through our complete line of products, programs and services, we can support virtually all of your food service and cleaning needs. And you'll always have clean dishes by your next meal.

The Right Tools for the Job

How do you know what dish machine or cleaning supplies are right for you? We don't want to sell you the world, we just want to get you consistent and clean results! We will personally sit down with you to evaluate  the cleaning needs of your business and show you how to meet those individual needs at an affordable cost. Find out how we can help make this one of the most stress-free decisions for your kitchen!

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Who Are We?

Everyone likes to do business with people they trust. We understand that. Read a quick synopsis of how we got started as a family business, and how we are assisting in the successes of restaurants and kitchens throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. What is our history and what sets us apart from other companies? Our mission is to make your day-to-day work easier and your business more successful...

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Family Owned & Operated for Over 40 Years . . .Your success = Our success!

Highest Quality Dish Machines & Cleaning Products at Affordable Prices . . . Superior results without breaking the bank.

7-Days-A-Week Emergency Service . . . When you need us, we're there for you!

Routine Maintenance to Prevent Downtime . . . We keep you running smoothly.

Our Technical Assistance & Product Distribution Are Not Outsourced . . . Keep it simple by dealing with one company.

Reduced Waste & Cost by Maintaining & Logging a Par System for Your Inventory
. . . A second set of eyes on your bottom line!